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Friends of Winwick Church.

About the Church -

The Church stands on a mound that may be a pre-Christian meeting place. The building dates from the 13th Century (the Perpendicular Tower was added later) and is cruciform (cross — shape), reminding us that the message of the cross -the death and resurrection of Jesus — is at the heart of the Christian faith.

There are 13th Century tomb recesses in each transept (transept = short 'arms' of the cross shape). The Chancel was replaced in 1853 by E F Law, who did a more general restoration in 1856.
A toilet (in the Tower) and Servery (in the south transept) were installed in 2018.

As is common in churches, as you enter you will see the font. Fonts are often located at the entrance: baptism is the rite of entry into the Christian church. The font was placed there in 1821, and was designed by Thomas Rickman, the inventor of the terminology of Gothic architecture: Early English (1190-1250), Decorated (1290-1350), and Perpendicular c1335 - c1530 (the name derives from the upright tracery panels). The font is designed in Perpendicular mode.

Look towards the tower and you will see the Millennium Window. "This stained-glass window was given by the families and friends of Winwick to mark the New Millennium. It is a reflection of our love of God and our gratitude for the peaceful surroundings in which we live and worship. It was part funded by Daventry District Council and dedicated to the memory of Lady Sarah Gibbs JP, MBE, who brought joy and inspiration to everyone who knew her. The window was designed by Jane Campbell AMGP. Commissioned autumn 2000, installed spring 2003."

Other features in the church, moving in a clockwise direction from the south door, include:

Wooden plaque commemorating Private Benjamin Gupwell, killed in action in France April 20 1917 aged 30 years.

Wooden screen across front of bell tower: presented by JA Jeremie DD, Reg Prof Bio Cam, Sub Dean of Lincoln, late Rector of Winwick 1856

Stained glass window: "l am the good shepherd" (John chapter 10); "Father, I have sinned" (The Prodigal son, Luke chapter 14)

Two large marble memorials on the west wall of the north transept, commemorating William Craven, and his wife Mariae (Mary) Craven. Mary Craven was the daughter of George Clerk of Watford who is commemorated in the nearby church of St Peter & St Paul's Watford.

Marble memorial on the east wall of the north transept commemorating Geoffrey Stewart, Captain in the 1 st Battalion of the Coldstream Guards, of Winwick Manor. Killed in action at Givenchy in Flanders December 22 nd 1914 aged 36 years.

Brass plate on north wall above altar rail: In memory of Alexander Leslie Bromhead, MA, Rector, and of Susan his wife. Note references to building a new rectory, restoring the church, "relief of suffering, in the education of young people for whose benefit they enlarged the school, in the support of Home and Foreign Missions, and in other good works they displayed a humble desire to do the will of that Saviour in whom they trusted."

Stained glass East Window: this is a scene from the Gospel of John: figures of Mary, Jesus and St John at the crucifixion of Jesus: "he said to his mother 'woman, behold your son'; then he said to the disciple 'behold thy mother';... "then He said 'It is finished', bowed his head, and gave up his spirit" (chapter 19 verses 26-30). The Lord's Prayer ("Our Father..." ) and The Apostles' Creed ("l believe..." ) are on either side of the East Window.

The Tiles in the chancel were donated in 1852 by their manufacturer Herbert Minton. Above the chancel entrance are The Ten Commandments.

The South Transept has an old oak chest (date 17??), and the new servery (2018). A marble memorial on the west wall commemorates Catherine Pepperell, who died age 48, and has the inscription "Life how short. Eternity how long."

To the right of the South Transept is another stained glass window, "sacred to the memory of Joseph Simons Esq of Rugby, with two panes: Joseph of Arimathea (who let Jesus be buried in his tomb) with the words "Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour when the Son of Man cometh"; and Sanctus Lucas (St Luke), with the words "Behold I come quickly and my reward is with me". The Churchyard is still open for burials, and also has an area for cremated remains on the left side of the path as one approaches the church.

By the Tower there is a large oak unique Winwick Millennium Seat designed and constructed by Rugby School students. In front of this is the grave and memorial to Lady Sarah Kaitlin Gibbs MBE 1936-2001, with a verse from Jesus' "Sermon on the Mount": Blessed are the pure in heart (Matthew 5 v 8).

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